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Admission Staff by Geographic Region

The fifteen members of the Providence College committee on admission complete the initial review of all applications by geographic territory.

Based on where your high school is located, find your admission counselor listed below. For some U.S. states with extensive travel and/or high application volumes, multiple counselors are listed. In these states, highlighted in bold below, our admission staff reviews applications based on county or other region within each state.

For students applying from outside of the United States, our international counseling staff regions are available at this bottom of the page.

Please note: All transfer applicants, regardless of location, are reviewed by Sandra A. Miller, Coordinator of Transfer Admission.

State /U.S. Territory County/Region within State Admission Counselor
Alabama Amy M. Cembor
Alaska Diana B. Gingles
Arizona Sandra A. Miller
Arkansas Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
California Northern California to Central Valley, excluding Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties Timothy B. O'Mara
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial Counties Patrick D. Brennan
Colorado Timothy B. O'Mara
Connecticut New London and Windham Counties Karen Vargas
New Haven and Middlesex Counties Timothy B. O'Mara
Fairfield County Matthew S. Maurano
Hartford and Tolland Counties Diana B. Gingles
Waterbury and Litchfield Counties Diana B. Gingles
Delaware Scott B. Seseske
District of Columbia Amy M. Cembor
Florida Raúl A. Fonts
Georgia Amy M. Cembor
Guam Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Hawaii Raúl A. Fonts
Idaho Timothy B. O'Mara
Illinois Owen R. Bligh
Indiana Owen R. Bligh
Iowa Patrick D. Brennan
Kansas Patrick D. Brennan
Kentucky Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Louisiana Amy M. Cembor
Maine Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Maryland Amy M. Cembor
Massachusetts Berkshire and Franklin Counties Scott B. Seseske
Lowell, Concord, and Wellesley areas Scott B. Seseske
Springfield area and Hampshire County Owen R. Bligh
Fitchburg and Northern Worcester Counties Sandra A. Miller
Essex County Karen Vargas
Boston and Cambridge (excluding Boston College High School) Karen Vargas
Boston College High School, Boston, MA Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Quincy area and Plymouth County Amy M. Cembor
Cape Cod and Islands Amy M. Cembor
Norfolk and Bristol Counties Amy M. Cembor
Milton, Lexington, and Waltham areas Faith W. Allen
Southern Worcester County Faith W. Allen
Michigan Owen R. Bligh
Minnesota Owen R. Bligh
Mississippi Amy M. Cembor
Missouri Patrick D. Brennan
Montana Timothy B. O'Mara
Nebraska Patrick D. Brennan
Nevada Timothy B. O'Mara
New Hampshire Owen R. Bligh
New Jersey Southern Jersey Faith W. Allen
Camden and Burlington Counties Faith W. Allen
Jersey Shore and Pinelands Faith W. Allen
Middlesex County Faith W. Allen
Bergen County Owen R. Bligh
Somerset and Mercer Counties Diana B. Gingles
Morris and Northern Passaic County Diana B. Gingles
Union County Matthew S. Maurano
Essex and Southern Passaic Counties Matthew S. Maurano
Monmouth County Patrick D. Brennan
Hudson County Patrick D. Brennan
Sussex, Warren, and Hunterdon Counties Patrick D. Brennan
New Mexico Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
New York New York State, excluding New York City (5 boroughs), Rockland, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties Karen Vargas
New York City: The 5 Boroughs Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Westchester County Faith W. Allen
Rockland County Patrick D. Brennan
Suffolk County and Southern Nassau County Patrick D. Brennan
Northern and Central Nassau County Timothy B. O'Mara
North Carolina Amy M. Cembor
North Dakota Timothy B. O'Mara
Ohio Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Oklahoma Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Oregon Diana B. Gingles
Pennsylvania Scott B. Seseske
Puerto Rico Karen Vargas
Rhode Island Providence County and Warwick area Nancy M. Eagan
Bristol and Kent Counties (excluding Warwick area), Newport, and Washington (South) County Sandra A. Miller
South Carolina Amy M. Cembor
South Dakota Timothy B. O'Mara
Tennessee Amy M. Cembor
Texas Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Utah Timothy B. O'Mara
Vermont Amy M. Cembor
Virgin Islands, U.S. Raúl A. Fonts
Virginia Amy M. Cembor
Washington Diana B. Gingles
West Virginia Amy M. Cembor
Wisconsin Owen R. Bligh
Wyoming Timothy B. O'Mara


International Area Admission Counselor
Africa Matthew S. Maurano
Asia Matthew S. Maurano
Bahamas Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Bermuda Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Canada Matthew S. Maurano
Central America Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Europe Matthew S. Maurano
Mexico Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
Oceania Matthew S. Maurano
South America Fr. Iriarte Andújar, O.P.
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