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The program of study in anthropology provides opportunities to study culture, in all of its complexity and forms of expression, in societies ranging from small-scale and technologically simple to those which are complex, urban, and technologically advanced. Such study allows students to develop a perception and appreciation of the common ground shared by all peoples and cultures. Students interested in the Peace Corps or public/religious service groups will find the study of anthropology especially useful.

Career possibilities for students with an anthropology background:

  • lawyer
  • architect
  • educator
  • city planner
  • community developer
  • international affairs and business management
  • health care and medicine
  • preservation of cultural resources

Courses in anthropology are general elective courses, which fulfill general degree requirements of the College and requirements of specific programs. For a listing of course descriptions and degree requirements, please see the course catalog.​

The Faculty

Associate Professor
Sister Leslie Ellen Straub, O.P., Ph.D.
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Location: Harkins Hall
Phone: 865-2195
Fax: 865-1155