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Helpful Tips for Your Learning Style  

  • Draw charts/maps/diagrams
  • Create flashcards (When doing this, put the word on one side; put the definition on the other side along with an example)
  • Make lists
  • Color code your work
  • Use multi-media equipment (videotapes, compact discs, or computers)
  • Record the class (Use this only to fill in what you missed while going over your notes)
  • Get a study buddy/group to go over the material
  • Read the notes aloud to yourself
  • Put your summarized notes on a tape recorder
  • Participate and be active in class discussions
  • Create mnemonics to aid in memorizing the material
  • Teach the material to someone else in the class
  • Create flashcards
  • Take frequent study breaks
  • Rewrite your notes
  • Design your own sample quizzes/tests
  • Create a map on a topic (this can be done with note cards or post-it notes)

Note:  If two or more column totals from the Learning Styles Inventory are similar, combine the various tips from each of the categories.

Some of this information was adapted from: Flemming, N. & Bonwell, C. 2001. How Do I Learn Best: A Student's Guide To Improved Learning. New Zealand.

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