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​Where Can I Study On Campus? 

Tired of trying to study while your roommates blare their music?  Are you easily distracted by food, music, your computer and everything else unrelated to school when you try to study in your room?  Here are some alternative places to study so that you can actually get those readings done on time.

  • Philips Memorial Library - While many people hate to admit it, this is actually one of the most popular places to study on campus, and certainly one of the quietest.  You have a number of options once you walk through the doors – a carrel or a table in the Quiet Zone, a computer station on the main floor or the second floor of the library, or a table in the TecHub, located on the lower level of the library. You can also choose (during the week from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm) to use one of the tables in the Office of Academic Services, located on the second floor of the library.
  • Alumni Cafeteria -  This busy cafeteria, like the library, is another popular place to study,
    especially if you work best with background noise.  Many people suggest headphones (if you
    are not distracted by music) to drown out the loudest of the distractions.  If you need an outlet for a laptop, the booths along the walls are your best bet.
  • Quiet Dining -  Located right inside the door of Alumni Cafeteria, this large room has comfortable chairs and tables, and, for being next to the cafeteria, is usually quiet.  Just be aware…sometimes lunchtime meetings of small groups are held here.
  • McPhail’s -  This is actually a very comfortable place to study, especially if you like the ability to spread out over a table.  McPhail’s, however, does not open until 2:00 pm during the week, so it is best for nighttime studying.  If you plan on being there later in the evening, be sure to check the schedule of events to make sure that your study time does not interfere with an event such as a BOP Coffeehouse.
  • Classrooms in any academic building -  Before they get locked in the evening, most of the academic buildings have empty classrooms.  Feinstein and Accinno are especially useful in this instance, since Feinstein is the home of many evening classes and Accinno is the home of the computer labs.  Feinstein remains open until 10:00 pm or 10:30 pm due to the Audio Visual Lab and Accinno is open until 12:00 am, as long as the computer labs are open.
  • Aquinas Lounge -  Again, your options are varied.  Choose a couch for reading or a table to get written work done. Some of the tables have access to electrical outlets where laptops can be plugged in.  During midterms and finals, it is important to get to the lounge early to assure yourself a spot.  Also, a word to the wise: Aquinas is a dorm only accessible by a swipe card to those who live in the building, make sure that you arrive early in the evening so you do not stand outside waiting for someone to open the door.
  • Your dorm’s laundry room -  As crazy as it may sound, the laundry rooms are popular with many students, especially those who live in dorms with basement areas.  Many people find that staying with their clothes while they are being washed and dried actually forces them to get some work done in a relatively quiet environment.
  • Campus Ministry Office-  The office, located in the basement of Saint Dominic's Chapel, is well outfitted with a number of tables and chairs.  Two drawbacks: hardwood chairs (though no worse than those of classroom chairs) and dim lighting.
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