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Speed Reading

Quick Tips Prior to Reading

  • Survey The Information: Look at the information (Chapter Headings, Summaries, Questions at the end of the chapter) this will give you:
    • An idea of what the chapter entails
    • Be able to gauge the difficulty of the material that you are reading.
  • Time Management: Decide on the amount of time you will spend reading the material prior to taking a break (especially if the information is difficult).
  • Speed Reading May Not Be For Everyone: This depends on the information and the extent of your reading comprehension and/or vocabulary.

How To Increase Your Reading Rate:

Take a Speed Reading Test 

  • Visit the O.A.S. Computer Lab: The lab offers Ace Reader. This speed reading software offers a variety of exercises that will increase your reading speed and comprehension.
  • Motivation: This will only improve based upon the amount of time you are willing to put in. In order for you to improve this you must practice your speed reading on a consistent basis.
  • Try To Understand The Concepts: When reading try to get an understanding of the information or the main point, instead of reading each word (this takes up too much time).
  • Avoid Reading Out Loud: This causes you to read at the rate of your speech which can slow you down. You can read more than 2 times faster than you can speak.
  • Avoid Reading Every Word: Do not focus on every word/letter at you are reading. This is another way that will slow down your reading rate significantly.
  • Avoid Regression: When you complete reading a line avoid re-reading words/lines that you have already read.
  • Test Yourself: After reading a paragraph, a couple of pages, or a section, write down a couple of questions that you feel could be on your quiz/exam.
  • Pace Yourself: Use your finger, pencil, or a pen and lightly go across each line that you are reading. As you become more comfortable, move down the middle of the page.
  • Practice: Try to work on your pace first, and comprehension second. Try doing this with a newspaper or magazine-reading each line and as you become more proficient, try reading from the middle of the line and moving straight down.
  • Implement these strategies : Take the Speed Reading Test again to see how your reading rate has improved!

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