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Oral Presentation Tips

Do you feel sick the moment a professor even mentions the words, “oral presentation?” You are not alone in your fears. Most people fear getting up in front of a large group of people. Keep reading for some tips to make the process easier, if not less painful.

Be sure you practice (more than once!)

  • Take advantage of anyone that offers to listen to you present your topic.
  • If there is no one available, use the old talking to the mirror trick or record your presentation and listen to it in order to hear what your presentation sounds like.
  • If your presentation has time constraints, be sure to time your talk to make sure it conforms to the guidelines–a presentation may seem a lot longer than it actually is when it is written but not spoken.

Do not write your presentation out word for word

  • By looking out at the audience, you show that you know enough about your topic to feel comfortable with only minimaluntitled.png
  • When using PowerPoint, keep slides short and to the point.
    PowerPoint slides are not supposed to act as cue cards. These slides should contain minimal information in large type so they are easy for the audience to read and understand.

Make eye contact

  • This is another technique that shows the class that you are interested in your subject, and that you are interested in people’s reactions.
  • Eye contact also keeps you from reading your presentation and makes it much more interesting for those who are listening.

Model your presentation after a lecture by your favorite professor

  • Assuming, of course, that this professor is interesting and keeps the class engaged.
  • Use the techniques this professor uses to keep the class engaged and interested.
  • Remember that you are only responsible for one day and that your professor has to do this every day – keep it in perspective and it won’t seem as stressful.

Breathe and smile

  • Relax and pretend that you are having a conversation with the class members whom you know.

  • Realize that when your classmates do their presentations, they will be just as nervous as you are.


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