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What is Your Learning Style?

It is based upon the characteristics/behaviors that an individual uses in order to attain their optimal academic performance. We all learn in different ways and it is helpful to have an understanding of your personal learning style. This will allow you to assess your strengths and identify the strategies needed to compensate for your weaknesses. Hopefully, by taking the Learning Styles Inventory, you will have a better idea of the skills needed to become an even more effective student at Providence College.

There Are 3 Types Of Learners

    Visual Learners are able to understand information using their eyes as the primary way of learning.
    Kinesthetic Learners are able to comprehend information by manipulating things with their hands.
    Auditory Learners learn best by using their hearing and being vocal.
To Learn More About Your Learning Style Follow These Two Steps:
Some of the information for this inventory was adapted from Walter B. Barbe and Michael Milone, Jr.

So What Type Of Learner Are You?
 If the majority of your check marks were in:
Column A, you are a Visual Learner
Column B, you are a Auditory Learner
Column C, you are a Kinesthetic Learner

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