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APA Format Examples​

  • Single Author Book: Last Name, First Initial, Middle Initial. (Copyright). Title of book (only first word should be capitalized) Publication Place: Publisher.

    Example: Smith, G. R. (1997). The history of baseball. New York: Harrison Publishers.
  • Multiple Author Book: When a work has between two and six authors, cite all authors.

    Example: Roeder, K., Simon L., & Smith, J. (1967). Nerve cells and insect behavior. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • Interviews: First initial and last name of the interviewee, the type of communication (i.e., personal interview), and the date of the interview

    Example: J. Holt, Personal Interview, 12/23/01.
  • Letter: First initial and last name of the letter writer, the type of communication, and the date.

    Example: K. Baten, Letter, 3/4/99.
  • Periodical Entries: Last name of Author, First Initial. (Publication Date). Article’s Title. Name of Periodical, Volume Number, Pages.

    Example: Usor, M. (January 12, 1999) . Markets close at all time high. New York Times Magazine, 12, 44-45.
  • Newspapers: Author's last name, the Initial of the first name. (The newspaper's date). Title of the article. (Only the first word of the title of article is capitalized unless there is a proper noun in the title). Full Name of the Newspaper, Pages the article is on.

    Example: Perry, H. (April 22, 1984). Just eat it. Boston Globe, 12-13.
  • Web page: Author’s last name, First Initial (Date). Name of the article. [Online]. Available: Web Address. (Date Retrieved).

    : Daly, B. (1997).  Writing argumentative essays. [Online]. Available: (July 31, 2001 ).
  • Journal Articles: Author’s Last Name, First Initial. (Copyright). Title Article. Journal Name, Volume, Page Numbers.

    : Reid, M. (1999). Getting it right. The Economist, 4, 234-256.
  • Television Broadcast:  Last Name, First Initial (Executive Producer). (Date of show).  The name of the show.  City where it was produced:  Broadcasting company.

    Example: Smith, J. (Executive Producer). (2001, July 31).  20/20.  New York :  American Broadcasting Company.
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