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Assessment Plan

O.A.S. Goal - Overall

To become a model academic support program for undergraduate students. 

O.A.S. Assessment Plan

As part of the College's formal effort to engage in outcomes assessment (Goal 62, PC Strategic Plan), the O.A.S. has developed a comprehensive plan for collecting and evaluating data relative to its own performance. The plan is summarized as follows:

Objective 1: Students view those services provided by the O.A.S. as being valuable to their academic growth and development; (a) day students, (b) students with disabilities, (c) student-athletes. [Services are wanted/needed.]

  • Objective 1 Measurements: O.A.S. service numbers/reports; Surveys (students, faculty, coaches); Interviews (students, faculty, staff); Research (e.g., C.I.R.P., N.C.A.A. Grad Rates, Peqis, Web research/Peer Institutions)

Objective 2: Students are becoming more academically successful as a result of O.A.S. services and support; (a) day students, (b) students with disabilities, (c) student-athletes. [Services improve students' academic performance.]

  • Objective 2 Measurements: Grade Point Average comparisons; Student Evaluations (e.g., G.R.E./G.M.A.T. evaluation); Surveys (students, faculty, coaches); Interviews (students, faculty, coaches); Statistical analyses

Objective 3: "Constituents" are satisfied with the services they have received through the O.A.S.; (a) day students, (b) students with disabilities, (c) student-athletes, (d) faculty, (e) coaches. [Services are judged favorably.]

  • Objective 3 Measurements: Surveys (students, faculty, staff, coaches); Interviews; Focus Groups; Service numbers

The full O.A.S. Assessment Report will be available in the Document Repository.

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