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 List of Services

​​Pre-Proposal Activities

  • Discuss early phases of project ideas with faculty to identify potential funding sources
  • Identify and disseminate funding opportunities, program announcements and Requests for Proposals/Requests for Qualifications (RFPs/RFQs)

​​Proposal Development Activities

  • Locate application packages and forms and interpret sponsor guidelines and requirements
  • Assist with all stages of proposal development, including budget preparation, certifications, forms, and cover sheets
  • Prepare a proposal outline or proposal checklist based upon grant requirements and guidelines
  • Review document formatting
  • Obtain institutional letters of support
  • Coordinate proposal submission with research administrators at collaborating institutions
  • Ensure adherence to and provide interpretation of College, sponsor, and government guidelines
  • Submit proposals electronically and/or hard-copy on behalf of the institution

Grant Administration/Management Activities

  • ​Assist with sponsor communication and correspondence after an award is made (submit requests for no cost-extensions, prior-approval requests, and progress reports)
  • Notify principal investigators (PIs) when progress reports are due

Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​Lifecycle Slide                                     I am thinking of submitting a proposal and ​need advice on identifying a sponsor and submitting a proposal. 

When do I contact the office?

It is never too early in the grant-seeking process to contact the office. Feel free to contact the director to discuss your ideas and determine if external funding opportunities might be available to support your scholarly activities. If you hav​e already identified a funding opportunity, the office needs a minimum of five business days advanced notice (and in some more complicated cases up to two weeks) to sufficiently support your submission and receive institutional approvals. 

What is the process for routing and approval of grant proposals? 

Proposals must be routed and approved prior to submission. See the required grant routing form​​​​ for more details.

What kinds of support can the office offer? 

From identifying a sponsor, assisting with submission forms, developing the project’s budget, reviewing the guidelines against the proposal narrative to submitting the proposal and negotiating the terms and conditions of the award, the office can help at all stages of your project. 

I am coming up for sabbatical soon. 

When is the best time to contact the office to explore external funding for sabbatical work?

It is always best to start your search for sabbatical support 18 months in advance of your planned sabbatical.

Does the Office of Sponsored Research & Programs handle gifts from individual donors, foundations or corporations?

No, the office does not handle gifts or corporate sponsorships. These should continue to be coordinated through the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Does the Office of Sponsored Research & Programs handle individual  fellowships? 

Yes. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of submission support services offered. While individual fellowship proposals are made to an individual rather than the institution, often times there are institutional commitments or professional leaves involved. We expect individual fellowship applications will be routed to the department chair, school dean and provost to encourage coordination, communication and recognition of individual fellowships.

Which office (Corporate & Foundation Relations or Sponsored Research & Programs) will handle the submission of a grant proposal?​

  • ​IF proposal is to a government agency, THEN Sponsored Research & Programs.
  • IF proposal is to​ a private entity, BUT the original source of funding is a government agency (e.g., Federal funds flowing through a University or other non-profit), THEN Sponsored Research & Programs.
  • IF proposal is to a private entity for non-governmental funds, BUT the project is primarily for support of an individual faculty member's research, THEN Sponsored Research & Programs. (Sponsored Research & Programs will check with Corporate & Foundation Relations to clear there are no conflicts with other outstanding requests.) 
  • IF proposal seeks support of an individual donor, THEN Corporate & Foundation Relations will connect the proposer with the proper person within Institutional Advancement. 
  • IF proposal is to a private entity for non-governmental funds for a project that is a priority of institutional leadership, THEN Corporate & Foundation Relations.

...and if it's n​ot clear, Sponsored Research & Programs and Corporate & Foundation Relations work closely together to  figure out which office is better positioned to handle the given proposal.

I’ve been funded. Now, what?

The Director of Sponsored Research & Programs will review and, as appropriate, negotiate the terms and conditions of the award on behalf of the College. The grant award will receive an organization number in Banner. The Office of Sponsored Research & Programs will provide you a Notice of Award which goes over the terms and conditions and any reporting requirements.

My proposal wasn’t funded. What happens next?

Review the comments with a trusted colleague in your discipline as well as the Sponsored Research & Programs Office. Take stock, make revisions, and try again. Don’t become discouraged and don’t take it personally. Most proposals are not funded on their first submission.​