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​For Faculty Advisors

The information below is intended to help faculty members learn more about the Oral Communication Proficiency.

Requirement Objectives

The following is a list of objectives that you may find helpful when you’re preparing to submit a course to the CCC for approval.

Oral Communication Proficiency courses will:

  • Require students to present at least one formal oral presentation, along with a variety of other oral presentations, such as student-led class discussions.
  • Instruct students in delivering oral presentations that are designed to be lively and interesting, and in the virtues of effective communication, including a clearly focused topic, a unified thesis, supporting evidence, and language that is precise, concise, and appropriate for the rhetorical situation.


Proficiency Requirements

Selected Writing I (composition/writing) and Oral Communication (public speaking) transfer courses may be articulated as equivalent to Providence College courses that meet these proficiency requirements. All other proficiencies will normally be met through successful completion of designated Providence College day courses unless authorized through student petition.​

Oral Communication Proficiency

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To fulfill the Oral Communication Proficiency, students must take one core-designated oral communication course, as approved by the Core Curriculum Committee. Approved oral communication courses will normally be capped at 20 students.

Why Oral Communications?

The cultivation of the skills and habits of good oral communication is necessary for an authentic Liberal Arts education. Accordingly, all students will be required to develop their ability to speak in a clear and coherent manner by taking one course designated as fulfilling the oral communication proficiency.

Core Foundation/Proficiency
ACC 412 (Auditing) [Effective Spring 2015 semester]Oral Communication ProficiencyAccountancyAccountancy
AMS 315 (Civil War Era) [Effective Spring 2017]Oral Communication ProficiencyAmerican Studies
ARH 380 (Interpretive Methods in Art History) [Effective Fall 2014]Oral Communication ProficiencyArt History
ART 470 (Thesis Preparation) [Effective Fall 2016 semester]Oral Communication ProficiencyStudio Art
BIO 444 (Biology of Cancer) [Effective Spring 2018]Fine Arts Core Requirement, Oral Communication ProficiencyBiology
BIO 476 (Freshwater Biology with lab) [Effective Fall 2014 semester]Oral Communication ProficiencyBiology
BIO 479 (Neuroscience Capstone) [Effective Spring 2014]Oral Communication ProficiencyBiology
BIO 479 (Oral Communication Advanced Topics Seminar) [Effective Summer 2015]Oral Communication ProficiencyBiology
BIO 480 (Oral Communication Advanced Topics Seminar with Laboratory) [Effective Summer 2015]Oral Communication ProficiencyBiology
BLS 316 (Civil War Era) [Effective Spring 2017]Oral Communication ProficiencyBlack Studies
CHM 381/382/481/482 (Chemistry Seminar) [Effective Spring 2012]Oral Communication ProficiencyChemistryBiochemistry, Chemistry, Secondary Education Chemistry
CLA 210 (Classical Rhetoric) [Effective Fall 2012]Oral Communication ProficiencyClassics
CSC 101 (Introduction to Programming & Data Processing) [Effective Fall 2013]Oral Communication ProficiencyComputer Science
ECN 488 (Economics Senior Capstone) [Effective Fall 2013]Intensive Writing Level II Proficiency, Oral Communication ProficiencyEconomicsBusiness Economics, Economics, Quantitative Economics
EDU 450 (Student Teaching in the Secondary School) [Effective Fall 2012]Oral Communication ProficiencyElementary/Special EducationSecondary Education Biology, Secondary Education Chemistry, Secondary Education English, Secondary Education History, Secondary Education Mathematics, Secondary Education Physics
EDU 451 (Student Teaching in the Elementary School) [Effective Fall 2012]Oral Communication ProficiencyElementary/Special Education
EDU 452 (Student Teaching in Elementary/Special Education) [Effective Fall 2012]Oral Communication ProficiencyElementary/Special EducationElementary/Special Education
ENG 310 (Milton)Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480 (Beauty and Pleasure in Medieval Literature) [Effective Fall 2014]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480 (John Donne and George Herbert)Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480 (Medieval Women On and Off the Page) [Effective Spring 2017]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480 (Novels of Jane Austen)Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480 (Shakespearean Tragedy) [Effective Spring 2016]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 480: (Quest Narratives) [Effective Fall 2016]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish3+4 Optometry
ENG 481 (Cormac McCarthy) [Effective Spring 2016]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 481 (Imagining England in Literature and Film)Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 481 (Seminar: Charles Dickens) [Effective Fall 2016]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 481 (Seminar: Whitman and Dickinson) [Effective Fall 2015]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 481 (Sports Literature) [Effective Spring 2017]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
ENG 481 (Yeats and Joyce) [Effective Fall 2015]Oral Communication ProficiencyEnglish
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