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Steering Committee


Charles Haberle, Academic Affairs (Chair)
Eliane Boucher, Psychology
Jasmine Hamm '16
Sharon Hay, SAIL
William Hogan, Center for Engaged Learning/English
Wanda Ingram, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Catherine Latz, Institutional Advancement
Melissa Mangione, College Events
Alyssa Marton, Academic Affairs
Erinn Miles, '16
Anne Porter, English
Janice Schuster, Library
William Toner, Academic Services
Rafael Zapata, Institutional Diversity

Committee Charge

To oversee and coordinate the establishment of a Freshman Common Reading Program (FCRP). Institute program in support of program objectives:

  • To strengthen the academic community and create opportunities for intellectual engagement and depth in learning through carefully selected common readings that pose multiple or differing perspectives and questions, followed by theme-oriented academic and co-curricular activities throughout the year;
  • To establish an intellectually stimulating environment that is both informal and structured, setting a tone for intellectual engagement among our new students;
  • To create a more academic focus to New Student Orientation; and
  • To provide opportunities for an enhanced Academic Convocation that includes meaningful ways for the entire college community, including students, faculty, and staff, to participate in the program.

This committee will be responsible for ensuring the rollout of the program, and for its overall coordination. The Implementation Committee also is charged with evaluating the program, and with recommending an administrative structure and considering designated individuals or offices with primary responsibility for the program in future years. Further, the committee should explore potential internal and external funding possibilities to ensure sustained and continued growth of the program.

Book Selection Committee

2014-2015 Committee Members to be announced.

Committee Charge

Research and recommend to the President common reading texts that should be considered for the Freshman Common Reading Program (FCRP).

The recommendation for FCRP text(s) should be considered with the following guidelines:

  • Adopt text(s) that will expand student perspectives beyond what is normally part of PC educational and cultural experience;
  • Consider texts that include multiple perspectives; that allow for argument and debate, discussion, disputed questions;
  • Texts that can be read and reviewed from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and that are relevant to contemporary issues; and
  • Texts must align with Providence College's Mission, and must support the institution's values.

Consider the selection of books, periodicals, and perhaps other media that might be included for the campus theme. Invite the College community to submit ideas and recommendations concerning specific reading themes and/or texts to consider for the FCRP. Consider a competition among students, faculty, and others to make recommendations regarding the selection of the common theme or text.

The committee should submit a list of recommended common reading texts or themes, in order of preference, to the President and/or Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for endorsement. Normally, this recommendation should be presented for consideration no later than January 31st in the academic year prior to the introduction of the FCRP theme for the next academic year.

Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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