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Winter Storm Alert- Tuesday January 27, 2015

Due to the continuing effects of the storm, Juno, all classes are cancelled tomorrow, Wednesday January 28th, including all day school classes, graduate classes, and evening classes through the School of Continuing Education & School of Business. Offices are closed on Wednesday. We expect to resume normal operations and all classes on Thursday, January 29th. For more information and updates, please go to

The weather line can be reached at 401-865-1012.

School of Continuing Education Committee (SCE) 

Committee Membership

Janet Castleman, School of Continuing Education (Chair) 
Jennifer Andrews, School of Continuing Education
Ann Barone, Enrollment Services (ex officio)
Peter Costello, Philosophy
* Frank Ford, Mathematics/Computer Science
Joseph Gemma, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office/Management
Richard Kless, Off Campus Housing
Bryan Marinelli, Academic Support Services
Marian Mattison, Social Work
Madeleine Metzler, School of Continuing Education
Racquel Ray,  Student (School of Continuing Education)‚Äč
Janice Schuster, Library

* Faculty Senate Appointment 

Committee Charge

To review the SCE curriculum in order to enhance existing programs or develop new programs with the College's mission and responsive to demonstrable need; to identify new curricular areas for development and to assess the continued viability of current programs; to establish the school's academic policies and fulfill established procedures for course and program approval; to review student appeals through an appeals subcommittee that makes recommendations to the dean; to advise the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on appropriate policies governing the interaction of SCE and the Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office, SCE, and academic departments and programs. 

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