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Committee on Academic Rank and Tenure (CART) 

Committee Membership/ Terms

Hugh F. Lena, Academic Affairs (Chair)
Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology (15-18)
*Christopher Arroyo, Philosophy (15-17)
*Richard Battistoni, Political Science (14-17)
M. Cary Collins, School of Business (14-17)
Eric Hirsch, Sociology (13-16)
*Deborah Johnson, Art (14-16)
*Patricia Lawlor, Foreign Language Studies (13-16)
Thomas McCreesh, O.P., Theology (14-17)
Mark Nowel, O.P., Biology/Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Brian Shanley, O.P., Executive Office (ex officio)
Raymond Sickinger, History (15-18)
*James Tattersall, Mathematics/Computer Science (13-16)

* Faculty Senate Appointment

Committee Charge

Responsibility for faculty status and related matters including new appointments and reappointments, promotions, decisions not to reappoint, and the granting of tenure

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