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Provost Appointed

Presidentially Appointed



Committee Members

Responsibility for faculty status and related matters including new appointments and reappointments, promotions, decisions not to reappoint, and the granting of tenure.

Presidentially Appointed
Hugh F. Len​a, Academic Affairs, Chair (ex officio)

Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology (15-18)
M. Cary Collins, School of Business (17-20)
*Paul Czech, Chemistry (16-19)
*William Hogan, Ctr Engaged Learning
William Hudson, Political Science ​(16-19)
*Patricia Lawlor, Foreign Language Studies (16-19)​
Vance Morgan, Philosophy (17-20)
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., DOUG Biology/Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
*Wendy Oliver, Theatre, Dance & Film ​(16-19)
Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P., President's Office (ex officio)
Raymond Sickinger, History (2015-2018)
*Michael Spiegler, Psychology (17-20)

* Faculty Senate Appointment​​