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Committee Members
To serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Academic Advising, Academic Affairs and academic departments on matters of academic advising. ​
Presidentially Appointed

Peter Palumbo, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office (Chair)
Wendy Chen, ​Finance
Gina DeBer​​​nardo, Enrollment Services
Diana Gingles, Admissions 
William Hogan, Center for Engaged Learning/English
Matthew Keane, Accountancy
Lynne Ryan, Elementary/Special Education
Marla Tipping, Biology ​​​​


​ Responsible for reviewing the various policies and procedures pertaining to the safety and security of students on the campus; to conduct periodic drills and  training; and to review the appropriate procedures to determine if they comply with state and federal regulations.  To make necessary recommendations when  appropriate.​ Appointed

Koren Kanadanian, Emergency Management (Chair)
Brian Bartolini,Academic Affairs
Steven Basile, Facilities Planning
Gail Dyer, Esq., General Counsel
Tiffany Gaffney, Assoc VP Stdnt Affairs/Dean of Stdt
Gale Gennaro, Environmental Health and Safety 
Catherine Kelleher, R.N., Student Health
John Leyden, Safety & Security
Steve Maurano, Public Affairs
Rosemary Mugan, Personal Counseling
Carmine Piscopo, Telecommunications
John Rock, Athletics 
Donald Schattle, Information Security  
Steven Sears, Student Affairs (ex officio)
Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., President's Office (ex officio)
Jana Valentine, Residence Life​​​​
Elizabeth Walsh, Human Resources 
​Fr. Peter Martyr Yungwirth, OP, Chaplains Office


​To review the current policy on Academic Grievances as stated in the Providence College Undergraduate Catalog and recommend any appropriate changes for adoption as College policy; to implement the process of appeal as outlined in the current catalog and to hear appeals as they are presented by students or are referred to the committee by an undergraduate dean, the Provost or Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs. ​​

Presidentially Appointed
Michael Shafer, Finance (Chair, Fall 2017) 
Cayla McBee, Mathematics/Computer Science (Chair, Spring 2018)

Gabriella Dess, '18
*Frank Ford, Mathematics/Computer Science
Robin Greene, History
Victoria Templer, Psychology ​

 * Faculty Senate Appointment​


​To hear student appeals of reported cases of academic misconduct. ​​

Presidentially Appointed
​Julia Camp, Accountancy (Chair)
Heather Allock, Elementary/Special Education 

Michael Bartels, '18 
Dylan Black, '20 (alternate)
*Dana Dillon, Theology (alternate)
*Tobias Harper, History​
Andre Rogers '20 (alternate)
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office (ex officio)
*Michael Spiegler, Psychology
Daniel Zawacki, '18

*Faculty Senate Appointment​​​


​To review appeals of academic dismissals from the College, requests for changes in academic status, and extensions of incomplete grade deadlines. ​​

Presidentially Appointed
​Rev. Mark Nowel​, O.P., Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office (Chair)

Lucille Calore, Enrollment Services (ex officio)
Raymond Hain, Philosophy
Meghan Murray, Academic Support Services

Michael Shafer, Finance
Raphael Shargel, English
Ralph Tavares, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office​​
Laura Williams, ​Biology


This committee (1) advises the administration on matters pertaining to disability issues and access, and (2) investigates grievances of alleged violations of Section 504 of the Regabilitation Act of 1973 and/or the Americans with Disabilites Act of 1990. 

Presidentially Appointed
James Campbell, Student Affairs VP Office (Chair) 
Kathleen Baker, ASVP/Central Reservations
Jessica Barrricelli, '20
Jonathan Dator, Personal Counseling
Lt. John Dunbar, ​Department of Public Safety 
Gail Dyer, ​General Counsel (ex officio)
Warren Gray, Business Services
Jacqueline Kelley, '20
Christopher Limnois, Economics 

Bryan Marinelli, Academic Services
Mark Rapoza, Finance & Business
​Jennifer Rivera, Academic Support Services 
Elizabeth Walsh, ​Human Resources


To monitor College-wide compliance with all aspects of the Clery Act; to examine the College’s programs involving children and implement safety and reporting measures; to make other recommendations as necessary.

Presidentially Appointed
Gail Dyer, General Counsel (Co-Chair)
John LeydenSafety & Security (Co-Chair)
Kathleen Alvino, Human Resources
James Campbell, ​Student Affairs​
Robert Driscoll, Athletic Administration
Jill Lapoint, Athletic Administration
William Leary, Graduate Administration

Brian McCadden, School of Professional Studies
Marifrances McGinn, General Counsel
Marissa Mezzanotte, ​Academic Support Services
Wendy Oliver, Theatre, Dance & Film
Mark Pierce, Community Standards
Steven Sears, Student Affairs
Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., President's Office​


To review college policies relating to the Archives and Special Collections and to forward any suggested recommendations to the Provost and ​Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Presidentially Appointed
D. Russell Bailey, Library (Chair) 

Russell Franks, Archivist
Bruce Graver, English
James Waters, Biology​


Responsibility for faculty status and related matters including new appointments and reappointments, promotions, decisions not to reappoint, and the granting of tenure.

Presidentially Appointed
Hugh F. Len​a, Academic Affairs, Chair (ex officio)

Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology (15-18)
M. Cary Collins, School of Business (17-20)
*Paul Czech, Chemistry (16-19)
*William Hogan, Ctr Engaged Learning
William Hudson, Political Science ​(16-19)
*Patricia Lawlor, Foreign Language Studies (16-19)​
Vance Morgan, Philosophy (17-20)
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., DOUG Biology/Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
*Wendy Oliver, Theatre, Dance & Film ​(16-19)
Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P., President's Office (ex officio)
Raymond Sickinger, History (2015-2018)
*Michael Spiegler, Psychology (17-20)

* Faculty Senate Appointment​​

The Committee on Administration is an information sharing body brining concerns from all areas of the College to the administration and keeping all areas of the College informed on administrative matters. 
Presidentially Appointed
​Rev. Brian Shanley, O.P., President's Office (Chair)

*Christopher Bloom, Psychology
Kristine Goodwin, Student Affairs 
Hugh F. Lena, Academic Affairs
Marifrances McGinn, Esq., General Counsel
Rev. Gabriel Pivarnik, O.P., Theology/Mission & Ministry
Gene Robbins, Business Services
Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., President's Office
John Sweeney, Finance & Business
Gregory Waldron, Institutional Advancement
Nicholas Wolfe, '16

* Faculty Senate Appointment​​


To make recommendations to the President's Senior Cabinet on matters relating to off-campus community service.

Presidentially Appointed
Meghan Griffiths, Feinstein Institute (Co-Chair)

Robert Pfunder, Champlain's Office (Co-Chair)
Katherine Corwin, '19
Marlena Forrester, '18
Heidi Fraitzl, ​​Ch​aplain's Office
​​Sharon Hay, ​SAIL
Katherine Holleran, '18
Elizabeth Kravatz, GA
Jill LaPoint, Athletics
Jenna Lemoi, Annual Giving 
Alycia Pessoa, ​Public and Community Affairs
​​Ralph Tavares, Undergraduate & Graduate Dean's Office 
Stanley Vieira, ​Off-Campus Living
Abigail Wolf, '18

​Review of: 1) academic policies and procedures currently in place and 2) new policies and programs from other appropriate offices of the College. Also, it 3) originates new policies that the Committee feels would be beneficial for addition to current academic policies/procedures. This charge includes review and revision of such policies that affect honors at graduation, Dean's List, academic level that constitutes good standing, probation, or dismissal. 
Presidentially Appointed
​Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office (Chair)
Edward Andrews, ​​​​​History​​

Yvonne Arruda, Enrollment Services (ex officio)
Charles Haberle, Academic Affairs
Carol Hartley, Accountancy
Russell Hillier, English
Marcin Krolikowski, ​Finance
Todd Olszewski, Health​ Policy & Management 
Jessica Polanco '20
Haley Rayment '18

Executive Subcommittee

Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P. (Chair)
Edward Andrews
Charles Haberle
Carol Hartley 


To evaluate new course proposals and courses proposed for meeting Core Curriculum requirements. 


To hear formal appeals from students regarding the termination of their need-based, merit-based, or athletic financial aid/scholarships; to review the effectiveness of existing financial aid/scholarship appeal policies and procedures, and make recommendations for revisions if necessary.

Presidentially Appointed
Robert Stretter, English (Chair)

Raul Fonts, Admissions (ex officio)
Margaret Healy-Varley, English
Jonathan Jackson, ​Finance
Ann Kelley, ​Accountancy 

Sandra Oliveira, Financial Aid (ex officio)
John O'Neill, Swimming 

Rev. Kevin Robb, O.P., Mission and Ministry
Ralph Tavares, Undergraduate & Graduate Dean’s Office
Lin Zhang, Elementary/Special Education​


Make recommendations to the Provost and Faculty Senate with regard to curricular and academic policies; marketing; recruitment, admissions and registration; and instructional facilities utilization.

Presidentially Appointed
Brian McCadden, School of Professional Studies (Chair)

Yvonne Arruda, Enrollment Services
Jacqueline Elcik, Sc​hool of Business
Denise Godin Paul, Undergradiate and Graduate Dean's Office (ex-officio) 
Wataru Ishizuka, Mathematics/Computer Science
Ian Levy, Theology
Sheila Adamus Liotta, School of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Paul O'Malley, History
*Steven Smith, History ​​

*Faculty Senate Appointment​​​​​


​To make recommendations for health care for faculty and staff benefits.​​​

Presidentially Appointed

Paul Maloney, ​Finance​ (Chair)
athleen Alvin​o, Human Resources 
John Clancy, Physical Plant
*Theodros Getachew, Finance 
Pamela Hartley, Athletic Administration
Catherine Kelleher, R.N., Student Health
*Charles Toth, Biology (Faculty Welfare Liaison)
Elizabeth Walsh, Human Resources

* Faculty Senate Appointment​​​​​


​Responsible for reviewing the various policies and procedures pertaining to health and well-being of the students on the campus and to review the appropriate procedures to determine if they comply with state and federal regulations.  To make necessary recommendations when appropriate.

Presidentially Appointed
James Campbell, Student Affairs VP Office (Chair)

Suzanne Bornschein, MD, Student Health
Cassandra Caggiano, '18
Catherine Kelleher, Student Health
Edward Laprey, ​Recreational Sports
Deborah Levine, ​Health Policy and Management 
Tierra Marshall, Office of Institutional Diversity

Marifrances McGinn, Esq., General Counsel
John Rock, Athletics
TBD student 
TBD campus ministry rep


To support students’ applications to selected health professions schools (Medical, Dental, Optometry, Osteopathy, Podiatry).

Presidentially Appointed
Lynne Lawso​n, Engineering/Physics/Systems (Chair) 

Seth Ashman, Engineering/Physics/Systems 
David Baier, Biology
Joseph DeGiorgis, Biology
Seann Mulcahy, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Kenneth Overly, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jay Pike, Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Marla Tipping, Biology​


​To make recommendations regarding the conferral of Honorary Degrees.

Presidentially Appointed

Ann Manchester Molak, President's Office (Chair)
Glendon Conor, '18
Robert Ferreira, Institutional Advancement
Karen Monti Flynn, Alumni
Stephen Lynch, English
Steve Maurano, Public and Community Affairs 
Claude Phionna-Cayola, '18
Rev. Gabriel Pivarnik, O.P., Theology/Mission & Ministry
Deirdre Snyder, Management


​​​​​To assure compliance with federal regulations on animal care and regularly examine institutional policies and procedures.

Presidentially Appointed
Joseph DeGiorgis, Biology (Chair)
​Dr. Keith Astrofsky (Veterinarian)​
Gail Gennaro, Facilities Planning/Envir Cmpliance (ex officio)
Kenneth Overly, Chemistry & Biochemistry (Chair)

Sheila Adamus Liotta, School of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office ​(Institutional Official)
Robert McMahon, ​Unaffiliated Member
Kenneth Overly, Chemistry & Biochemistry


To review and approve research proposals involving human subjects conducted under the auspices of Providence College. Appointed
Todd Olszewski, Health Policy & Management (Interim Chair, Fall 2017)
Mary Harmon, Psychology (Chair, Spring 2018)

Thomas Bertrand, External Representative 
Angela Licia Carlson, Philosophy 
Katherine Kranz, ​Social Work
Tatevik Martirosyan, Academic Affairs ​(Administrative Coordinator)
Kris Monahan, Acad​emic Affairs (Human Protection Administrator, ex officio)
Rev. Mark Nowel, O.P., Undergraduate & Graduate Dean's Office​
Susan Skawinski, Elementary/Special Education​​


​​​(1) Using the Providence College Strategic Plan as its guide, identify those coherent, cohesive marketing and communications initiatives that will effectively support the pursuit of strategic goals; (2) coordinate College-wide marketing research initiatives, especially those related to the ever-evolving College brand identity; (3) provide advice and support to the College’s central marketing and communications operation; (4) develop strategies and initiatives that will foster constantly-improving efficiencies through the collaborative, meaningful integration of work among communications professionals across the College community.​​

Presidentially Appointed
Joseph Carr, Mark​eting & Communications (Chair)
Michael Botelho, Finance and Business VP Office 

Mark Caprio, Library
Janet Castleman, School of Continuing Education
Mark DeFanti, Marketing
Robert Driscoll, Athletics
Raul Fonts, Admissions
Russell Franks, ​Library 
Kristen Lainsbury, Marketing & Communications
Christopher Machado, Academic Affairs
Tierra Marshall, Office of Institutional Diversity
Leah Martin, School of Business Deans Office
Stacey Moulton, ​Career Education Center
Sarah Osowa, Annual Giving
Rev. Kevin Robb, O.P., Mission & Ministry
Rev. Kenneth Sicard, O.P., President's Office
Alison Sjovall, Student Affairs


(1) Convene internal stakeholders to share information and report on initiatives in the neighborhood; (2) ensure neighborhood initiatives are consistent with the College’s goals and objectives; (3) ensure synergies in the various relationship-building activities off campus, including service initiatives; and (4) provide an annual report to the Cabinet on outstanding neighborhood issues and institutional outcomes.

Presidentially Appointed
Steven J. Maurano, Public & Community Affairs (Chair) 

Richard Battistoni, Political Science
Janet Castleman, School of Continuing Education
​Dana Dillon, ​​Theology
Jill LaPoint, Athletics
John Leyden, Safety & Security
Marifrances McGinn, Esq., General Counsel
Mark Rapoza, Facilities Planning
Steven Sears, Student Affairs
Stanley Vieira, Off-Campus Living​


To make recommendations to the President on incumbents of the Randall Dintinguished Chair in Christian Culture.

Presidentially Appointed
Suzanne Fournier, English (Chair)

Gary Culpepper, Theology
Hugh Lena, Academic Affairs (ex officio)
Patrick Macfarlane, Philosophy
Rev. Gabriel Pivarnik O.P., Theology/Mission & Ministry
Constance Rousseau, History


To review the SCE curriculum in order to enhance existing programs or develop new programs with the College's mission and responsive to demonstrable need; to identify new curricular areas for development and to assess the continued viability of current programs; to establish the school's academic policies and fulfill established procedures for course and program approval; to review student appeals through an appeals subcommittee that makes recommendations to the dean; to advise the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on appropriate policies governing the interaction of SCE and the Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office, SCE, and academic departments and programs.

Presidentially Appointed
Janet Castleman, School of Continuing Education (Chair) 

Jennifer Andrews, School of Continuing Education
Ann Barone, Enrollm​ent Services (ex officio)
Heather Bennett, ​Human Resources​
Peter Costello, Philosophy
Joseph DeGiorgis, Biology
Matthew Eriksen, Management
* Frank Ford, Mathematics/Computer Science
Joseph Gemma, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Richard Kless, Off Campus Life​
Madeleine Metzler, School of Continuing Education
Andria Tieman, Library

​* Faculty Senate Appointment​​


​To approve incoming and outgoing students for the tuition exchange program.

Presidentially Appointed

Amy Cembor, Admissions (Chair)​​
David Baier, Biology
Maureen Donaghey, Major Gifts
Daniel Estevez, Human Resources 

Warren Gray, Finance & Business
David McIntyre, Management
Sandra Oliveira, Financial Aid


To advise the Director of the Black Studies Program, to formulate plans for the long-term administraiton and staffing of the program, and to assess the program's effectiveness.

Provost Appointed
Julia ​​​Jordan-Zachery, Political Science (Chair)
Fartun Abdulle, '19
Ditra Edwards, Community Representative 
Brianna Frias, '18​​

Eric Hirsch, Sociology
Wanda Ingram, Undergraduate & Graduate Dean's Office
Tierra Marshall, Office of Institutional Diversity
Charlotte O'Kelly, Sociology
Monica Simal, Foreign Language Studies


Explore and recommend options for creating multi-year calendars for review by the Senior Cabinet, Faculty Senate and Student Congress.

Provost Appointed
Charles Haberle​, Academic Affairs (Chair)

Susan Albert, Undergraduate and Graduate Dean's Office
Ann Barone, Enrollment Services
Deirdre Driscoll-Lemoine, College Events
*Vefa Erginbas, History
Warren Gray, Finance & Business
T.J. Harper, Music
Sharon Hay, SAIL
Jill LaPoint, Athletics
Cayla McBee, Mathematics/Computer Science
Rev. Kevin Robb, O.P., Mission and Ministry
Steven Sears, Student Affairs
Elizabeth Walsh, Human Resources

*Faculty Senate Appointment​

​​ Oversee planning and implementation of the Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship & Creativity. Encourage nominations of student work from all areas of the College. Review nominations for participation in the Celebration. Provide support and mentoring for students developing posters and presentations. Develop and implement a publicity plan for the Celebration. Plan and oversee the logistics of the Celebration event: space, food, etc. Perform ongoing assessment of the Celebration and plan for growth and improvement.
Provost Appointed

​​William Hogan, Center for Engaged Learning (Chair)
Comfort Ateh, Secondary Education
Brian Bartolini, Academic Affairs
​Mark Caprio, Library
Victoria Cuartas, Student
Mark DeFanti, Marketing
Vicki-Ann Downing, Marketing & Communications
Jacqueline Gilman, Institutional Advancement 
Charles Haberle, Academic Affairs
Julia Kliever, Library
Jamielee Polsen Lacy, ​Art
Kristen Lainsbury, Marketing & Communications
Bryan Marinelli, Academic Support Services
Seann Mulcahy, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Monica Simal, Foreign Language Studies
Andrea Tieman​, ​Library


Consult with the Director of the CEL about the Center's mission, programs, and services. Consult on the implementation of ongoing engagement initiatives, including the Provost's Forum on Student Engagement and the Engaged Learning mini-grant program. Develop new initiatives to promote engaged learning at the College. Perform ongoing assessment of the Center and plan for continuous improvement in its programs.

Provost Appointed
William Hogan, Center for Engaged Learning (Chair)

Colleen DaCosta, '19
Meghan Murray, Academic Services
Robert Pfunder, Chaplains Office 
Adrian Weimer, History 
Jennifer Van Reet, Psychology​​


​​Provide advice to the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Provost Appointed
​​​Laurie Grupp​, Center for Teaching Excellence/Elementary/Special Education (Chair)
Kendra Brewster, Public & Community Service Studies
Julia Camp, ​Accountancy​​​​​

Colin Jaundrill, History
Lynne Lawson, ​Engineering/Physics/Systems
Deborah Levine, Health Policy & Management
Terence McGoldrick, Theology
Adam Villa, Mathematics/Computer Science/Center for Teaching Excellence​​

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