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​On The Bookshelves

2cries-of-crisis.jpgDr. Robert Hackey, professor of health policy and management, wrote a book entitled Cries of Crisis: Rethinking the Health Care Debate (University of Nevada Press, 2012).  


Dr. Jeffery Nicholas, assistant professor of philosophy, wrote a book entitled Reason, Tradition, and The Good: MacIntyre's Tradition-Constituted Reason and Frankfurt School Critical Theory (Notre Dame Press, 2012). He also wrote “Bowling Our Way Out of Nihilism,” which appeared in The Big Lebowski and Philosophy, ed. Peter Fosl, (Blackwell, May 2012).

Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English, wrote a book of poetry entitled Red Radio Heart (White Pine Press, 2012). The 90-page book, which was written during Lunin Perel's sabbatical, includes 59 original poems.


Dr. Guy Alba, special lecturer in the graduate education program, wrote an article entitled “Partners for Learning, Not Funding” that appeared in the September issue of Principal Leadership.

Dr. Douglas Blum, professor of political science, published an article entitled “Cultural Globalization in the Post-Soviet ‘South’ in a special issue of the journal Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization (Summer 2012).

Dr. Eliane Boucher, assistant professor of psychology, co-authored “Casual Uncertainty during Initial Interactions,” which appeared in the August edition of the European Journal of Social Psychology.

1branham,-joan.jpgDr. Joan Branham, professor of art, authored two recent publications. “Mapping Sacrifice on Bodies and Spaces in Late-Antique Judaism and Early Christianity,” appeared in Architecture of the Sacred: Space, Ritual, and Experience from Classical Greece to Byzantium, eds. Bonna Wescoat and Robert Ousterhout (Cambridge University Press, 2012). “The American Presence in Jerusalem: Through the Gates of the Albright Institute,” appeared in Unearthing Jerusalem: 150 Years of Archaeological Research in the Holy City, eds. Katharina Galor and Gideon Avni (Eisenbrauns, 2011).

Dr. Erik Chaput, instructor in the School of Continuing Education, co-wrote a curriculum guide for Rhode Island high school teachers on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The guide is available for download at the Rhode Island Historical Society’s education website.

1coolman,-holly-taylor.jpgDr. Holly Taylor Coolman, assistant professor of theology, had an article entitled “Adoption and the Goods of Birth” published in the June edition of the Journal of Moral Theology. A book chapter Coolman authored, entitled “Romans 9-11: Rereading Aquinas on the Jews,” appeared in Reading Romans with Thomas Aquinas, ed. Levering and Dauphinais (Catholic University Press, 2012).

Dr. Edmund Dain, assistant professor of philosophy, wrote a paper entitled “Projection and Pretence in Ethics” that appeared in the July edition of Philosophical Papers. His paper “Ethical Eliminativism and the Sense of Wittgenstein's Tractatus” was also published in Ethics--Society--Politics: Proceedings of the 35th International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium, edited by Martin Weiss and Hajo Greif (The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society).

Julie DeCesare, assistant professor and head of research and education in Phillips Memorial Library, had a review entitled “ARKive—An Intersection of Conservation, Multimedia, and Usability” published in The Journal of Media Literacy Education in July.

Dr. Thomas Guilmette, professor of psychology, authored a book chapter entitled “The role of clinical judgment in symptom validity assessment” that appears in Mild Traumatic Brain injury: Symptom Validity Assessment and Malingering (Springer Publishing Company, 2012).

Dr. Alison Guzman, adjunct assistant professor of Spanish, had an article entitled "Los muertos vivientes de la Guerra Civil en cinco obras de Laila Ripoll: La frontera, Que nos quiten lo bailao, Convoy de los 927, Los niños perdidos, y Santa Perpetua" published in  Don Galán 2012.

1Jelinek,-Ron-2012.jpgDr. Ronald Jelinek, associate professor of marketing, had a paper he authored, “Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman: A Buyer-Seller Salute,” accepted at Business Horizons. It will be published this fall to commemorate what would have been Dr. Friedman’s 100th birthday.

Dr. Peter Johnson, professor of English, had his book, The Amazing Adventures of John Smith, Jr. AKA Houdini (HarperCollins, 2012) selected by the Center for the Book as the one book to represent Rhode Island in the “Pavilion of States” at the National Book Fair in Washington, D.C., which is coordinated by the Library of Congress.

Dr. Leo H. Kahane, professor of economics, edited a two-volume set of books entitled The Oxford Handbook of Sports Economics, Volumes 1 & 2, Leo H. Kahane and Stephen Shmanske, editors (Oxford University Press, 2012). Kahane also wrote an article entitled “Understanding the Interstate Export of Crime Guns: A Gravity Model Approach” that was published in the August edition of Contemporary Economic Policy.

1kraten,-michael.jpgDr. Michael Kraten, assistant professor of accountancy, was interviewed by several major news organizations in response to the Libor banking scandal. Kraten was interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek and The Wall Street Journal’s; quoted in such publications as the Financial Times and The Economist; appeared on WPRI-TV in Rhode Island; and invited to present his research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

In 2008, Kraten and three colleagues wrote an academic paper, Libor Manipulation?, which showed that the process of self-reporting was flawed and could allow individual banks to manipulate the key global interest rate. The paper was first published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a global Web site for academic researchers, where the original version remains online.

In 2010, after a peer review, Kraten presented the paper at an American Accounting Association conference. Earlier this year, eager to have their study seen in Britain, his colleagues and he published it in the Journal of Banking and Finance. That led to a mention in The Economist that was quoted during a debate in the British House of Commons.

1Adamus-Liotta,-Sheila-'11.jpgDr. Sheila Adamus Liotta, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Charles Haberle, assistant vice president for academic affairs, and Patricia Sickinger, senior executive assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs, co-authored an article for the Summer 2012 edition of The Department Chair entitled “Establishing a Comprehensive Chairs Development Program.”

Dr. Terence McGoldrick, assistant professor of theology, had an article entitled “The Spirituality of Human Consciousness: A Catholic Interpretation of Some Current Neuro-scientific Interpretations” published in the August edition of Science and Engineering Ethics.

Beatrice Pulliam, head of technology and access in the Phillips Memorial Library, wrote a book chapter entitled “Library Space and Designing for a Boutique Library Service in the USA” for Personalising Library Services in Higher Education: The Boutique Approach (Ashgate, 2012).

Dr. Mark W Seefeldt, adjunct assistant professor of physics, had a paper he co-authored, “A Description of the Ross Ice Shelf Air Stream (RAS) Through the Use of Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs)” published in the May edition of The Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.

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