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​Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships & Fellowships

What is a post-baccalaureate scholarship/fellowship?

A post-baccalaureate scholarship/fellowship is an award held after graduation that involves specific application procedures and, in some cases, nominations from your undergraduate institution. Some scholarships have restrictions, such as major, number of years of study that the award funds, time limits related to the completion of bachelors degree, citizenship, age range, ethnicity, etc.

The role of this website

This website will identify some of the national scholarships and fellowships that are external to Providence College. It will provide useful information on applications, letters of recommendation, eligibility, deadlines, restrictions, scholarship fraud, and links to scholarship search engines. There are many well known and lucrative fellowships that are highly competitive. Although this page will provide many links to funding, it is not comprehensive.

 Advice for Students:

  • Be sure your objectives are clear

  • Start early and explore opportunities online extensively

  • Use the helpful tips and sample essay sites under “advice”

Contact Information:

Dr. Michael O'Neill
Post-Baccalaureate Fellowships Coordinator
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Extension: 1426
Fax: 1449

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