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Advice for Applicants

To help guide you through the process of applying for a post-baccalaureate fellowship and to ensure that you have all of the information you need to pursue the awards that are most suited to your interests and talents, it is important that you register with the College's Fellowship Coordinator. Please fill out the form below and submit it. Be as thorough in your descriptions of your interests as you can. All information submitted will be kept confidential in adherence to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Student Registration Form

Beginning the Process

  • What are your goals? What are you passionate about?

  • Do your research early.

  • In addition to searching websites for appropriate scholarships/fellowships, speak to faculty in your field of interest and contact professional organizations in your desired discipline and cultural groups.

  • Check your local library for resources including "The Grants Register."

  • Additional information on the graduate school application process can be found at the Career Services Graduate/Professional School site.

Familiarize yourself with all criteria for the specific scholarship before you apply 

  • Note all deadlines and requirements (recommendations, personal statement, essays, proposal, transcripts, etc.).

  • Seek out faculty representatives for specific scholarships.

  • If your qualifications do not match, don’t apply.

  • Scholarship applications can be time consuming so start early.

  • Time is better spent concentrating on a limited number of well-constructed applications.

  • The more you organize and plan ahead, the better your prospects.

Ask for recommendations from faculty who know you and your work. And, ask early to give them sufficient time.

Applications should go through several drafts. Your final version should represent your best work.

Proofread everything and double check punctuation and spelling. Be thorough!

Be sure the essay addresses all questions required by the scholarship/fellowship.

Ask another individual to review your application. The Fellowship Coordinator, trusted faculty members, and the Office of Academic Services are excellent resources.

On the essay, be clear, make an impact, and, when possible, demonstrate your points with examples

  • Study how to build a strong essay. Lewis & Clark College's site is one excellent example of a good online guide to writing essays.

  • Make an appointment with the Writing Center in the Office of Academic Services.

Make a copy of the final application for your records before submitting it to your committee (when Providence College nomination required) or the scholarship directly.

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