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Hugh-Lena-thm-2.jpgHugh F. Lena, Ph.D.--Provost and Senior Vice President

Dr. Hugh F. Lena was appointed provost and senior vice president for academic affairs on July 1, 2010. He is the first person to hold this position in the College’s history. Dr. Lena previously served as vice president for academic affairs and acting vice president for academic administration.

As PC’s highest-ranking academic official since 2004, Dr. Lena is responsible for promoting high-quality teaching and learning, as well as supporting and recognizing academic and service excellence within the College’s School of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional Studies, School of Business, and School of Continuing Education.​

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brian-bartolini-bio-shot-2.jpgBrian J. Bartolini, Ed.D.--Associate Vice President

Dr. Brian J. Bartolini is associate vice president for academic affairs/chief institutional effectiveness officer. He has served as associate vice president at Providence College since 2004. A member of the College community since 1998, he has served in a number of administrative roles, including as director of academic services and special assistant to the vice president for assessment.

Bartolini is responsible for leading campus-wide assessment programs and regional and specialized accreditation efforts. He also provides leadership and support in the areas of campus academic policy, academic support and advisement, academic records, scheduling and registration, enrollment management and retention, sponsored research and programs, and student engagement in learning.

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chuck-haberle-bio-shot-2.jpgCharles J. Haberle--Assistant Vice President

Charles J. Haberle is assistant vice president for academic affairs, academic facilities and technology planning. He has served as assistant vice president at Providence College since 1999. Previously, he served as associate dean of undergraduate studies from 1995-99.

Haberle’s responsibilities include academic facilities, instructional and administrative technology, and budgetary guidance to the more than 70 organizations within academic affairs. 

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Professional and Administrative Staff 

costathumb.jpgHillary Costa--Administrative Coordinator

Hillary Costa is the administrative coordinator for the Office of Academic Affairs. She has worked at Providence College since 2015. Costa is primarily responsible for the coordination and administrative functions of the Office of Academic Affairs by serving as a liaison to academic departments, outside vendors, and staff members.

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Rachel S. d'Oliveira--Assessment Coordinator/Analyst1haskellthm.jpg

Rachel S. d'Oliveira is the assessment coordinator/analyst for academic affairs. Her responsibilities include coordinating campus-wide surveys and other assessment measures; recording department and program plans for the College’s assessment program; and assisting with the management of the Student Course Rating and Continuous Improvement Programs.

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Catherine A. Gagne--Associate Director of Assessment

Catherine A. Gagne was named associate director of assessment in 2013. Prior to herGagne-bio-shot-2.jpg current position, she was assessment coordinator/analyst for academic affairs. Her responsibilities include gathering and analyzing assessment data and preparing related reports; assisting departments, programs, and offices in carrying out their assessment plans; helping to direct the student course ratings program; and assisting with the management of the Continuous Improvement Program.

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CPM-headshot-2.jpgChris Machado--Academic Communications Director

Chris Machado was named academic communications director in the Office of Academic Affairs in 2011. He lends oversight and support to various public relations and integrated marketing initiatives on behalf of academic affairs.

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NEW-marton-thm.jpgAlyssa J. Marton--Assistant Director, Faculty & Administrative Services

Alyssa J. Marton has worked in the Office of Academic Affairs since 2005. In 2013, Alyssa was named assistant director, faculty and administrative services. Previously, she served as the coordinator for faculty & administrative support services from 2008-2013. Marton’s responsibilities include faculty development support, the development of faculty programs, and the coordinatation of faculty resources.

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Kris-Monahan-bio-shot-2.jpgKris A. Monahan, Ph.D.--Director of Sponsored Research & Programs

Kris A. Monahan is Providence College’s first Director of Sponsored Research & Programs. Her responsibilities include developing and leading PC’s institutional office responsible for the review, submission, and acceptance of College-based research, educational, training, or technical assistance programs involving funds, materials, or other compensation from outside sources. 

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Cathy-Pantano-bio-shot-2.jpgCathy Pantano--Administrative Assistant

Cathy Pantano has served as an administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs since 1988. In her role, Pantano provides administrative staff support and assistance to various assessment programs on campus.

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Pat-Sickinger-bio-shot-2.jpgPatricia Sickinger--Senior Executive Assistant

Patricia Sickinger, who has worked at Providence College since 1988, serves as senior executive assistant to the provost. She is responsible for the facilitation and implementation of policies and procedures related to the hiring of new faculty, the tenure and promotion process for current faculty, and the preparation and dissemination of contracts for undergraduate and graduate faculty. 

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Office of Academic Affairs
Location: Harkins Hall 208
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI  02918
Phone: 865-2195
Fax:    865-1155

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