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Faculty Travel

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All full-time faculty who have an official role or who will actively participate in a conference are eligible to apply for travel funds. The travel allocation for full-time visiting/practitioner faculty with a one-year appointment is $1,100. Tenured or tenure-track faculty have a travel allocation of $2,200. Maximum of three travel requests per fiscal year (July 1st- June 30th). There is not a limit on reimbursement for any single trip; the entire allocation can be used for one trip.

An additional $400 is available for faculty members who co-present with an undergraduate student, as one of their trips. This extra incentive is available once per fiscal year, is added to the $2,200 balance, and may be used towards any approved travel within the fiscal year.​

Examples of approved activities include: a paper presentation, panel participant, poster session, session chair or moderator, paper respondent or discussant, conference chair or executive board member who is required to attend. 

Prior Approval

All requests for travel funds must be preapproved, even if department funds are requested. Faculty members should complete the
Travel Reque​st Form at least four weeks prior to travel (if possible). The request form must be signed by the faculty member's department chair/program director, who forwards the request to Alyssa Marton in the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.  The request for travel funds must include confirmation that the faculty member's conference/seminar proposal has been accepted for presentation, as well as a breakdown of anticipated expenses. In addition, documentation describing the conference and fees should be included.  Once the travel request is preapproved by Academic Affairs, the faculty member will receive an authorization e-mail, along with a travel expense report and pertinent information. The department chair/program director is copied on the authorization e-mail.  

Travel Arrangements

The Office of Academic Affairs has a limited annual budget to support faculty travel. All travel requests are reviewed to ensure the most cost-effective use of these funds so that all eligible faculty may participate in professional development opportunities.​

For detailed information regarding the travel policy, including accommodations, auto rentals, per diem, parking etc., please refer to the Procedural Steps ​for Travel. For detailed information regarding air travel, please refer to the Air Tra​vel Guidelines.

Submission of Travel Expense Report

The Travel Expense Report​ must be submitted, with original receipts, to the Office of Academic Affairs within two weeks of the completion of travel. The Travel Expense Report is a fillable PDF form. Receipts must show proof of payment.

Provost's Contingency Travel Fund (PCTF)

The PCTF has been established to help support Ordinary faculty in situations when faculty travel funds have been expended, and where additional funding sources are insufficient. This contingency fund is established with the financial support of the Provost and is reviewed for renewal on an annual basis.​

Due to limited funds, faculty members are eligible for up to $500 in contingency funds once per fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). Faculty members may receive PCTF funds only once per fiscal year, regardless of the amount received. For information regarding the conditions, application procedure, notifications, and funding, please review the PCTF overview document. Questions should be directed to Alyss​a Marton​ at 401.865.1765.