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Campus Parking Information

​​Parking Alerts: 

Due to the ongoing Campus Transformation construction, there are a limited number of parking spaces available for junior and senior students for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

At this time and going forward, we cannot provide parking accommodations for internship or work purposes, or for any freshmen or sophomores students.

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Apply for Parking Pass​​​
PLEASE NOTE: When applying​​​ for a parking pass using a Mac Computer, you must use Chrome or Firefox. Safari is not c​ompatible​ with the parking pass system.

Cars in a parking lot

Campus Parking Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Providence College, Office of Safety and Security campus parking web page.  The Office of Safety and Security manages all parking activities ​​and enforcement of rules and regulations.  Our web page is designed to provide the following information:

  • How to obtain a permit
  • Where to park on campus
  • Parking regulations

Parking on campus is limited and in high demand and parking on campus is strictly regulated in an effort to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and provide pedestrian safety.  All vehicles on campus are required to have a parking permit displayed.  

Access to the specific parking lots on campus is limited to the following groups.  In order to manage parking space availability, all members of the campus community are asked to adhere to these guidelines.  

​​​Anderson Garage
​Eaton St
​Glay Lot​Peterson Garage​Wardlaw Lot
​River Ave
Gate Lots
​Administration, Faculty, StaffX​X​X​X
​UG students w/ permit​X​X
​Degree seeking Grad & SCE*​X​X​X
Non-degree seeking SC​​E*​X​X
​Temporary Employee​X
​*AFTER 3:30pm only​​​

The College assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to an employee's vehicle while on campus. Employees parking on campus must have minimum auto liability insurance of $10,000.

Employees are not permitted to park, even on a temporary basis, in designated fire lanes or designated handicap spaces. In consideration of campus members, vehicles must not block the flow of traffic. Parking and driving on campus is a privilege which can be rescinded for frequent violations or nonpayment of fines, which are payable within seven (7) working days to the Office of Safety and Security. Employees receiving four (4) or more parking violations are subject to having their cars towed at their own expense.​​