What do you do with a Public and Community Service Studies degree?

 ​There is a multitude of things students can do with a PSP degree.

This data is from a survey conducted in 2012 of Graduates of the Public and Community Service Studies major between 1997-2011.

Total number of respondents: 109

Where are graduates working?
Not-for-profit organization: 56%
Government/Public Sector: 24%
For-profit/Private Sector: 17%

Not-for-profit manager or program coordinator: 29%
Pre-K-12 Education: 26%
Higher Education:16%
Social Worker/Counselor: 15%
Graduate Student: 13%
Health Services Professional: 11%

12.png​Check out what alumni have been up to since graduating from the Public and Community Service Studies Program!

“Since graduating in 2006, I completed a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Portland, ME, where I worked at STRIVE, a non-profit that works with tweens, teens, and young adults with developmental disabilities. After that, I have worked in various roles working with children and young adults with mental health diagnoses, all in the Portland area. I completed my Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern Maine in 2012 and have my clinical social work license. I currently work as a social worker at a local psychiatric hospital.” Martha (McCahill) Sprague ‘06

“Still struck with the urge to travel after my semester abroad in South Africa, I chose to spend the year after graduation as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Nepal. For eight wonderful months, I taught English in a rural, mountainside middle school. Although the lack of resources, overcrowded classrooms, and language barrier were frustrating at time, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to build an international community with those around me […] I am currently focusing on youth development in urban centers in the United States. My position as a teen outreach program coordinator gives me the opportunity to continue working in classrooms, this time with a focus on service-learning for high school students in inner city schools.” –Annie Wendel ‘13
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"The first thing i did after graduation was jump on President Obama's re-election campaign in New Hampshire, working as a field organizer. And then we won, so I was out of a job, and I moved home to New York to do Americorps in the community health core program. Now I work in a family medicine residence program managing prenatal care for all of our patients [...] I think once my term is up in July I'll head back to school to be a midwife." -Katrina Lipinski '12

After graduation, "I spent about 5 year working for the City of Boston and doing education on water conservation, clean water, not flushing things the toilet you shouldnt be [then] I took a change of course and did software development and software engineering [...]I also sit on a couple of non-profit boards doing homelessness and mental health advocacy in the area." -Chris Friel '01