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​What can you do with a Public and Community Service Studies degree?

​This data is from a survey conducted in 2012 of Graduates of the Public and Community Service Studies major between 1997-2011.

Total number of respondents: 109

Where are graduates working?

Not-for-profit organization: 56%
Government/Public Sector: 24%
For-profit/Private Sector: 17%


Not-for-profit manager or program coordinator: 29%
Pre-K-12 Education: 26%
Higher Education:16%
Social Worker/Counselor: 15%
Graduate Student: 13%
Health Services Professional: 11% 

List of Jobs and Post Grad Stu​dies.pdf

​Check out what alumni have been up to since graduating from the Public and Community Service Studies Program!

Alumni Spotlight: Emma Lane '14

2014 PSP Alum, Emma Lane, moved to Tanzania in August to begin her year long work as a Project Coordinator for 2Seeds Network! 2Seeds Network is a non-profit oranization whose goal is "to create a network of independent yet interconnected agricultural develoment projects built on deep partnerships within and across communities." Project Coordinators spend a full year living and working in their host communities.
Emma is currently working in the village of Tabora to help increase the amount and diversity of foods available to children in the community as well as to increase the awareness and education of community members to use as means for good health and nutrition. The target group in the community is composed of eight mothers and busineswomen who are running a colletive food processing business, making products such as potato chips and candied peanuts. Aside from making the products, the project is designed to empower the women of the community by helping them earn a steady income, teaching them essential business skills, and build their leadership capabilities. Emma and the team of women just finished creating 9 solar dryers and over the next few weeks they will be going through a trial and error period with the dryers to test how they dry and store different fruits and vegetables.
To learn more about the project and Emma's experience in Tanzania check out her blog at!  

Martha (McCahill) Sprague '06
“Since graduating in 2006, I completed a year with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Portland, ME, where I worked at STRIVE, a non-profit that works with tweens, teens, and young adults with developmental disabilities. After that, I have worked in various roles working with children and young adults with mental health diagnoses, all in the Portland area. I completed my Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern Maine in 2012 and have my clinical social work license. I currently work as a social worker at a local psychiatric hospital.”

Annie Wendel Pictures for website.jpg Annie Wendel '13
“Still struck with the urge to travel after my semester abroad in South Africa, I chose to spend the year after graduation as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Nepal. For eight wonderful months, I taught English in a rural, mountainside middle school. Although the lack of resources, overcrowded classrooms, and language barrier were frustrating at time, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to build an international community with those around me […] I am currently focusing on youth development in urban centers in the United States. My position as a teen outreach program coordinator gives me the opportunity to continue working in classrooms, this time with a focus on service-learning for high school students in inner city schools.”

Katrina Lipinski '1212.png
"The first thing i did after graduation was jump on President Obama's re-election campaign in New Hampshire, working as a field organizer. And then we won, so I was out of a job, and I moved home to New York to do Americorps in the community health core program. Now I work in a family medicine residence program managing prenatal care for all of our patients [...] I think once my term is up in July I'll head back to school to be a midwife."

Chris Friel '01
After graduation, "I spent about 5 year working for the City of Boston and doing education on water conservation, clean water, not flushing things the toilet you shouldnt be [then] I took a change of course and did software development and software engineering [...]I also sit on a couple of non-profit boards doing homelessness and mental health advocacy in the area."