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​Students applying for seats in PC's Class of 2017 can select
"Early Decision" on the College's supplemental application
and submit it by the deadline of December 1 to be considered
as part of that pool.

Early Decision Now an Option for Prospective Students

Beginning with the Class of 2017, applicants can demonstrate their intent to enroll at Providence College by submitting their application by the early decision deadline, December 1.

Students will receive admission responses by mid-January, along with any financial aid or merit awards. Those who select the early decision option must make a binding agreement to attend PC and are expected to withdraw any other applications to other institutions, as long as they receive enough financial assistance to meet their need.

“This gives students who truly want to attend Providence College — who sincerely have identified Providence as a clear, first-choice-institution — an opportunity to show that, and commit early,” said Raúl A. Fonts, dean of admission and financial aid.

Prospective Friars still have the option of applying early action by November 1, with no commitment required, as well as by the regular deadline of January 15. While accepted early decision applicants must send in their deposits securing their seats in the class by February 15, early action and regular decision applicants will have until May 1.

“We have the full menu available to students,” Fonts said. “Not every student is ready to make a decision on December 1, but they don’t have to do that.”

He said the College’s applicant pool has increased enough to make this the right time to offer early decision as an option. The number has grown from more than 4,300 in 2000 to nearly 10,000 in 2011, with the biggest jump in 2006, when PC began accepting the Common Application.

Ready to commit

Approximately 4,000 prospective students applied by the early action deadline last year and 5,600 for regular decision, Fonts said. Of early action applicants surveyed in the last two years, approximately 7 percent said they would have considered early decision each year, he said.

He said that admission officials expect to accept a higher percentage of students who make the early decision commitment — up to 70 percent. Even using conservative estimates, Fonts believes that offering early decision could yield as many as 175 accepted students, or nearly 18 percent of the incoming class.

In June, members of the President’s Cabinet approved the decision to offer early decision, Fonts said.

Staff members in the Office of Admission have spread the word by sending postcard announcements to 5,000 high schools across the United States. They have informed families about the new option at group information sessions, interviews and tours over the summer, and also will discuss it during visits to 40 states and 20 countries this fall, Fonts said.

— Liz F. Kay

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