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Chemistry and Biochemistry

 Chemistry and Biochemistry

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chemistry is often called the ‘central science’ — a vital component of the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] fields that have experienced growing employment opportunities and increasing salaries for decades.

Studies argue that careers in STEM fields are critical to economic competitiveness because of their direct ties to innovation and productivity. Our programs train students to hit the ground running in these fields — either in industry or academia — by providing a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry.

Our department is vibrant and active with enthusiastic, energetic faculty who enjoy working closely with undergraduate students — in and out of the classroom. Our class sizes are small and most of our lab sections are taught by full-time faculty members.

In the past few years our alumni have entered graduate programs at prestigious schools, including Cal-Berkeley, Columbia, Northwestern, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Other alumni have entered medical school at Brown, Tulane, UConn, USUHS, and Wake Forrest, dental school at Tufts, and pharmacy school at the MCPHS. Still others found employment at Merck, Hanna Instruments, and Organogenesis.

Our alumni make us proud of our past. We want you to help define our future.

Undergraduate Research Grant Awards

Each year, a number of chemistry and biochemistry students are awarded grants from PC's Undergraduate Research Committee to support their research in the lab. This past year, the following students were awarded the competitive grant:

  • Brendan Carroll '15 [Biochemistry], Thiocyanate Detection in a Fish Tank
  • Michael Giso '15 [Chemistry], Interactions with Cytochrome c and Polymerized Lipids
  • Jennifer Giulietti '15 [Biochemistry & Biology], Biological Evaluation of Eudistomin U and Derivatives
  • Alicia Jancevski '15 [Chemistry and Biochemistry], The Isolation and Characterization of ZoeJ, a K2 Cluster Mycobacteriophage
  • Eric Lebel '15 [Biochemistry & Music], Isolation, Characterization and Annotation of Novel Mycobacteriophages: A Possible Therapeutic Strategy
  • Jonathon Sawyer '14 [Biochemistry], A New Method to Label Peptides with Fluorophores

To learn more about research in the department, click on the 'Research' tab at the top of the page.