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1cianfrocco.gifMichael Cianfrocco ā€™07 Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher, Harvard University
Departments of Molecular and Cellular Biology (Harvard University)
Department of Cell Biology (Harvard Medical School)

My advice to prospective biology and biochemistry majors is to 'wear many hats' as you follow your interests. What I mean is that I spent most of my laboratory time in the biology department, learning how to think and work like a biologist.

But, at the same time, my chemistry classwork provided me with a quantitative foundation that became essential as I began to pursue biochemistry coursework. This chemistry experience was further supported by additional mathematics courses that I took at PC beyond the requirements, allowing me to transition into the well-respected biophysics Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley. By combining my love of biology with my love of chemistry, I have found myself at the interface of both fields, pushing the limits of knowledge and the future of medicine, wearing both 'hats' of biology and chemistry.

Department of Biology
Sowa Hall, Room236

Julie Coccia
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 401-865-2585
Fax: 401-865-1438

Dr. Charles R Toth Ph.D
Associate Professor of Biology
Department Chair
Sowa Hall 236

Beyond the Classroom

Explore. Examine. Engage.

We want our students to take their studies and research interests beyond the classroom ā€” into the lab, the field, or an internship. These opportunities to go beyond the classroom are designed to invigorate your studies and benefit you as a student and a future professional.

Here are a few opportunities we offer:

Tropical Biology in Costa Rica


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